Setting and Hitting Camp is designed for athletes to further develop offensive skills in the areas of setting and attacking. This camp is ideal for players who have identified themselves as a setter. The position-specific camp also invites all hitters to learn the fundamentals of attacking and connection with the setter.

All Skills

The All Skills Camp invites athletes who are looking to advance individual skills including passing, serving, attacking, blocking and setting in a challenging and fun environment. This camp will also focus on developing offensive and defensive systems for game play. Players will be divided based on skill level and experience.


This camp will focus on the techniques used for back row players with an emphasis on first contact passing. Skills that will be trained include forearm passing, overhead passing, and digging. Defense and serve receive drills will be featured.

July 1st - 2nd & July 16th
Boys & Girls Grades: 6th - 12th
Time: 9am - 4pm (Daily)
July 1st: Setter/Hitter
July 2nd: All Skills
July 16th: Defense
Cost: $65 PER DAY

Location: Southeastern Oklahoma State University